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Location: Smith Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE) 403

Our Staff

Nora Rye, director for the WSU LSAMP Program.

Nora Rye


Nora is overjoyed and grateful to join WSU and the PNW LSAMP team in spring 2023 as the new director. She earned her Master of Social Work at the University of Montana, focusing on social justice, research in public and social health, and counseling. She loves working with students and is dedicated to actualizing the language of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) into meaningful change. Prior to WSU, she was honored to serve as a Clover Park Technical College counselor for students earning their high school diplomas, learning English as a Second Language, and preparing for college. Over the past 15 years, she has also worked in wilderness therapy, neuropsychology, and community mental health, and as an AmeriCorps volunteer. Nora is in the process of becoming a licensed mental health counselor and brings with her a foundation in systems theory and a strength’s-based perspective when working with people. In her free time, Nora loves to read books about other countries and go backpacking with her husband and their dog.

DAESA Administration & Staff in Support of LSAMP

The Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement (DAESA) oversees the administration of the LSAMP program at WSU. DAESA is part of the Office of the Provost.

Mary Sanchez Lanier

Mary Sánchez Lanier
Assistant Vice Provost

Jeremy Lessmann, Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Jeremy Lessmann
Director, Office of Undergraduate Research

DAESA staff member Jaclyn Gotch whose work supports the LSAMP program.

Jaclyn Gotch
Program Coordinator, Office of Undergraduate Research

Jeffery Moss

Jeffery Moss 
Administrative Assistant

absent picture

Bev Makhani
Director of Communications and Marketing

Daniel Rieck

Daniel Rieck
Web Developer and Coordinator 

Meet Our Bridge Leaders

Our STEM students who serve as Bridge Leaders to our WSU LSAMP students are a key part of the program. They are experts who can help you get started and answer your questions about STEM undergraduate research, internships, scholarships, and more. Visit our LSAMP Bridge Leaders page to learn more about them and/or schedule an appointment today.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Our WSU LSAMP Ambassadors to our community colleges work to create lasting partnerships with those institutions. These students are experts in providing information about resources and opportunities.  Visit our LSAMP STEM Ambassadors page to learn more about them and/or schedule an appointment today.