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The 2022 Pacific Northwest LSAMP Conference, “Together Toward Tomorrow,” will be hosted by WSU Pullman and WSU LSAMP April 7-9, 2022.  The event presents opportunities for friends, alumni, and industry to support underrepresented minority students in STEM fields in very direct ways.

The conference is guaranteed to be a top-quality event that will impact WSU students and their regional peers from nine other universities and colleges. With the backing of generous supporters, this valuable conference will allow WSU, as event host, to enrich the academic lives of talented students who will soon build careers in fields important to all of society.

LSAMP represents a vision for a better future through education and achievement. WSU and LSAMP students across the region who will attend this conference embrace that vision. At this three-day event, they will take significant steps–both academically and personally–forward toward their personal and professional goals.  We invite, and appreciate, support for this important conference.  Together, we can help students progress toward a brighter tomorrow!


Support of all sizes and means is needed to make this conference a success.  We invite you to learn more about investing in the more than 150 students from the region who will attend this virtual event.  Your WSU Foundation contacts for more information about opportunities are:

Rise McGill, Dir. of Scholarships,, 509-715-9092

Dana Ulrich, Dir. of Corporate Engagement,, 314-308-8797

Who Will Attend, What Will Take Place

Around 150 undergraduate students and administrators from LSAMP programs at nine Washington, Oregon, and Idaho universities and colleges will participate in this virtual event for three days of learning and shared experiences. All of the students are majoring in STEM fields at their home institutions, which includes WSU. Sponsors of the conference will make possible learning and networking opportunities for dozens of eager students and support their educational pursuits in meaningful ways.

At the conference, the young scholars will be inspired by renowned guest speakers and panelists, experience new ideas at workshops, gain knowledge about graduate school and career opportunities, and hear about innovative facilities and programs at WSU in Pullman, such as the Bear Research, Education, and Conservation Center.  There will also be a poster presentation showcase where students will share their mentored research at a forum very similar to professional industry conferences in their field.

What Does LSAMP Do for Students?

At each partner institution in the Pacific Northwest, LSAMP participants benefit every day from a multitude of experiences and opportunities. Whether those are common across most institutions, or unique to one, these activities help students connect with others, build community, focus on academic success, explore future career opportunities, and enjoy their current college experience. At the 2022 PNW LSAMP Conference, those students will have the chance to expand their peer and faculty networks and continue to build their knowledge base.

As an example, WSU LSAMP students attending the conference benefit throughout the academic year from opportunities such as these at the Pullman campus:

  • Robust programming that encourages success and networking at WSU and beyond
  • An LSAMP Center equipped for student and team activities
  • Student peer ambassadors leading activities that build a sense of community
  • Peer mentors who support participants’ academic success in all subjects
  • Advisory board members who are faculty and administrative leaders and strong student supporters
  • Faculty mentors who guide student involvement in STEM research

Pacific Northwest LSAMP

In fall 2009, the National Science Foundation awarded a Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) grant to five institutions including Washington State University in the Pacific Northwest. The grants has been renewed twice, providing operating funds through 2024 to the member institutions across three states. At the WSU Pullman-hosted 2022 PNW LSAMP Conference, more than 150 students and program directors from these programs and partnering community colleges will participate in three days of virtual workshop sessions, attend guest speaker presentations and panels, and learn about WSU Pullman campus highlights.

PNW LSAMP Member Institutions and Their Partnering Colleges are:

  • University of Washington (PNW LSAMP’s lead institution) and Seattle Central Community College
  • Boise State University and the College of Western Idaho
  • Oregon State University and Linn-Benton Community College
  • Portland State University and Portland Community College
  • Washington State University and Yakima Valley Community College