Research Awards

Engage in undergraduate research with support from an award by WSU LSAMP, an NSF-supported program.

WSU LSAMP student Diaz Alonzo conducting research.

Need help getting started?

Interested in a research project? Need help narrowing down projects in STEM fields? There are a number of resources available to you.

You could start by reading about undergraduate research on the “Get Started” webpage of the Office of Undergraduate Research.

You could also visit with an undergraduate peer mentor from the Office of Undergraduate Research. They are students from many disciplines who are already experienced in research; they can provide information and help you connect with a faculty mentor, such as drafting an email to make first contact.

Also, many faculty engaged in research are happy to welcome undergraduates to be part of their teams. Here at WSU, you are welcome to, and even encouraged to, reach out to them directly.

WSU LSAMP Research Award Eligibility Requirements

Award Applicants must:

  • Be an undergraduate on the Pullman campus; applicants for WSU LSAMP research awards must be currently registered as WSU Pullman students pursuing an undergraduate STEM degree.
  • Be eligible for the LSAMP program:
    • Be an undergraduate student who identifies with a racial/ethnic background that is considered underrepresented in STEM fields (Black/African American, Latino/Latine, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Native Alaskan, and/or Pacific Islander)
    • Be pursuing a qualifying STEM major
    • Be a U.S. citizen/permanent resident
  • Have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Be a full-time student
  • Commit to a full academic year of working on a mentored research project (covering fall and spring semesters); see the note above about working with a faculty mentor on research.

*Note: Students with an expressed interest in pursuing an advanced degree (e.g. a Master’s or Ph.D) in a STEM discipline will be given preference.

WSU LSAMP Research Award Recipients will…

  • Complete a research agreement form with your mentor’s help.
  • Turn in a progress report or summary of your fall semester research activity in November.
  • Present a poster at WSU SURCA (Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities) in March and at the PNW LSAMP Conference in spring.
  • Continue to engage in LSAMP Program activities.

Monetary Benefits for Award Recipients

  • Award amounts can vary
  • Paid travel/hotel for LSAMP-affiliated conferences (varies per year)

Requirements for Faculty Mentors

  • Must provide student with research project.
  • Must supervise and mentor student.
  • Must assist student to write a progress report, make a research poster, and prepare for a research presentation, such as at SURCA at WSU and LSAMP-affiliated conferences.

Benefits for Faculty Mentors

  • Access to undergraduates who are highly motivated and have a funding source.

2024-2025 Applications

The online application for these awards opens in fall and typically closes in early spring semester.

Note: When you apply for these awards, the support they provide is for the following academic year.

The application is facilitated by the Office of Undergraduate Research. It will require you to enter a personal statement and a brief description of your intended research. Once the application is submitted, an email will automatically be sent to your specified WSU research mentor to request a required endorsement of your application. (Your mentor is the person who will oversee the research you will be engaged in during the period of the award.)

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